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First name: Max. Since he was young, he had it clear: he wanted to be Ratón Pérez, for which he had to apply himself and study hard. Ratón Pérez III was named in 1881 for an initial period of 220 years. Ranthropologist and graduate in Exact Sciences. A very gentleman mouse, herudite and  cultured, educated and lover of the arts, reading and music, always with his straw hat, his golden glasses and his red wallet charged with magic.

•      _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58dtón_ Other traits that define Raccoon

-      _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    Endearing: Most Valuable Marketing Character Studies the children; above Santa Claus and the Three Kings themselves.

-      _cc781905 Close. The children - between fear and desire - allow him to enter their room, approach and dig under his pillow. -      Internacional. It has achieved great projection, being recognized in half the world.

-      _cc781905 Respectful, genuine and courteous. Great music lover.

-      _cc781905 Magical. It has certain powers and transmits illusion.






Inista with Ratón Pérez in the Casita-Museo. The name of the king is not accidental. This is how the queen regent, María Cristina de Habsburgo, called her son King Alfonso XIII when he was a child. Word of Austro-Bavarian origin (boy) that was an affectionate name that he liked very much to hear from his mother.






MRS. PÉREZ – First name: Katalina and commonly known as Katia. Of Russian origin and sentimental partner of Ratón Pérez since they met at an international meeting  of roeseres in Moscow. Roescuela teacher, discreet, elegant and with a well-tempered temperament. She cooks some excellent pastas available in her Casita-Museo. She had the privilege of marrying the most recognized mouse in the world: “An honor for me”.


ADELAIDA- Eldest daughter. Philosophy student. Outgoing and very sociable, a lover of singing and music, -her passion-, she is an outstanding flute and piano player.


ELVIRA- Middle daughter. Applied Arts student. He is sweet and reserved. Fervent reader and virtuous player of the harp. He also likes to sing and play the piano.


ADOLFO- Youngest son. Adolfito for the rest of his family, is a Diplomacy student. Talkative, avant-garde and passionate about sports, especially tennis, he amuses himself playing chess and playing the bongos.




Pérez lives in a large box of Huntley biscuits, in the basement of the existing building at Arenal 8 in Madrid, - former Prast confectionery -, where he lives together with his wife Katalina and their children Adelaida, Elvira and Adolfito. The location of his home was, for years, an open secret among people from Madrid. Many came to the place to gossip and be interested in the famous mouse. Later, the Casita-Museo was born where you can learn what his house is like (...).

^^A very special, unique and exclusive place.

A small place like its owner.

A place like a heart, that becomes big with your illusion^^





Ratón Pérez belongs to a worldwide organization for the collection and analysis of milk teeth. Share functions with other relevant characters in different parts of the world. They are companions of tasks (not assistants) of Pérez, with the same office.




Each one acts in a specific area. They generally carry out their activity in a specific geographical zone or area, attending to the language or language that is predominantly spoken in that zone.

Thus, we have:

Pérez Mouse in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico… Latin American countries.

Tooth Fairy:  Anglo-Saxon countries (England, USA, part of Canada); known as the tooth fairy

Le petit Souris: also called "Petisú". Francophone area (France, areas of Africa, Francophone influence)

Fatina Dentin: Italy

Ratai-Chi: East Asian. (China)

There are countries where there is no tradition such as Germany, Austria, Malaysia, Pakistan or Japan, among others. Also, there are other countries that do have a certain tradition linked to the loss of milk teeth but, however, do not have an identity for the character. For example, in Norway you leave your tooth in a glass of water so that they can bring you money. A similar situation happens with the Sephardim.

tree of traditions


It represents the brotherhood between the different traditions. In this museum coexist diverse traditions represented by the characters that support them.


Around the world there is an array of branches from where Pérez is informed of what is happening in that area.




Its team of correspondents acts from their respective headquarters, providing information to the rodent whenever necessary.

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