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We program an extracurricular activity to get to know our protagonist and reference, Ratón PÉREZ, so loved and respected by girls and boys all over the world.


Character of great popular roots, whom the academic father Luís Coloma described in the children's story with which, at the end of the 19th century, he presented the then child-king Alfonso XIII, on the occasion of the loss of one of his milk teeth. . 


The students of your Center will be able to know and participate with enthusiasm in the adventure that he shared with the boy-king Buby I, learn about his origins, the organization to which he belongs and others, as well as glimpse numerous values that it contains. All this in the place designated as the residence of the Pérez family by the author and institutionalized by the Madrid City Council with plaques installed on the facade and interior hall of the building. 


We have various magical spaces that recreate elements of the world of two protagonists and the relationship between them; always with the objective and desire to generate illusion, and cause a smile in everyone who visits us. It is complemented by the audiovisual and storytelling room, the mamoncetes area (baby teeth) and small souvenirs.


Program: Specific activities according to age. Going directed, in principle, to 1st and 2nd of primary and 3rd of infant. We will try to adapt to specific needs.


→ Presentation / The Museum / The Story / The Prodigy / Audiovisuals / Activities / Farewell.


* Duration: One and a half hours/ Two hours     * Recommended age between 4 and 8 years

* Visits: On school days      * Price: 6 euros per child





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Information and reservations: Monday -Friday 09:00 to 14:00.

Give us your e-mail and we will keep you informed of relevant events and data.


Remember that Renfe-Cercanías can accompany you to and from the Casita-Museo.

Receive our most cordial greetings, from the recognition and complicity with your transcendental work.

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